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Becoming Wolverine 

Hey! *waves* I’m here, I’ve not gone anywhere. I apologize for not posting in a while but we’ve had to deal with some very difficult family matters that have required my mind and body to be focused on keeping my family going. It’s not been easy, but we are strong and we shall cope. Hopefully I can put my mind in to blogging again and sharing with you all. 

So remember I wanted to do a throwback Thursday blog? Well it’s Thursday! It’s been a long day with Harvest Festival this morning then parents evening and baby-sitting tonight so shall be a short one, but I hope you like it all the same.

Mr Heberling had his birthday on the 3rd, so I wanted to focus on him, which he probably won’t like, mainly as these are older photos I’m now about to share, from 2012! Mr Heberling likes to have his photo taken at times though, and often dresses up, or cosplay if you want to call it that. One time he wanted to be Wolverine. Obviously we do like Wolverine as we named our son Logan, yes, that’s why he has his name. Mr Heberling also likes to challenge himself in to making his own props/things, and on this occasion he wanted to make himself some Wolverine claws. He looked up tutorials and my Dad helped, and to be honest they came out pretty amazing! They are measured to fit his hands perfectly and to this day are kept proudly. 

Naturally we had our photoshoot, some inside and outside shots were taken, and he helped with editing them to his tastes. (Yup, our editing tastes can differ at times!) I really liked how they came out, the indoor ones particularly due to the lighting. Although one thing bugs me about them, see if you can spot it…

…Did you guess? Yes, it’s the wallpaper behind him! It was my Mums hallway, and realistically a flat backdrop would of been a lot better! Next, we headed out to the woods;

Even though it was only 5 years ago I think he looks rather young! He’d say the children have aged him, or me! I think they came out really well though, and we’ve since had a number of photoshoots including Spiderman which I’ll share with you another time. Logan also dressed up as Wolverine for a school event as well recently so I shall share a photo of him another time. For now that’s all. I hoped you enjoyed stepping back in time with me! 


The long road home.

So, we’re home! To be precise we got home at 22:40 on Sunday night, and since then it’s been a tiring blur of washing, tidying, shopping and play group this morning. Figured I’d give you a run down of our journey home today, and then shall do a rough overview of our holiday in another post. So, Sunday…

We’d set our alarms for 4am, with the aim of leaving the house by 5. The ferry wasn’t due to leave till 2pm, with boarding from 12:30, but with a 5 hour drive ahead of us we wanted to give ourselves an extra 2 hours for stops or traffic, and in the end it was a good decision. The family we were currently staying with, Kibas mum, her husband, 3 of Kibas sisters and one of his brothers, had all decided to get up to say goodbye so we attempted an earlyish night, which probably did not end up as early as we’d have hoped. 

I was rudely awoken at around 2am by a breeze coming from the previously closed window above my head. As I awoke I realised Kiba was standing there and as I asked what was up he replied with the short answer “I need to pee.” Ah. At his Mums to go to the loo at night meant going downstairs and getting through a room full of dogs that didn’t particularly like our night wandering, as we’d previously found out with many growls and barking, so I could see his predicament. I heard him attempt to get down only to retreat with the growls following him. After a bit more muttering and pacing he decided to pee out of the window, much to my amusement. It still makes me want to giggle thinking about it. 

4am came, and the final preparations were sorted. The goodbyes were hard and came with a lot of tears from Kibas mum and sisters, the hugs were long, no one wanting to let go. But 5am soon turned up and we set off, not long before the sun began to rise. I’ll admit that this time on the 5hr leg of our journey my tiredness got the better of me and I drifted in and out of sleep in between admiring the views, hoping it wouldn’t be too long before we were back. We took two stops along the way, first so Kiba could pee, and I could give Taya some milk, and the second as Taya was crying as she wanted to breastfeed again, and was getting quite upset. Luckily we’d allowed for extra time. 

We got close to the Hook of Holland before Kiba needed the toilet again, and we decided to get some food, so used my Google maps to find the closest McDonald’s. Now, if you haven’t driven over in Holland let me tell you now, the roads can be quite confusing! On a roundabout in most places you can go round and exit, in your lane, but if really need be you can change when safe to do so. In Holland you have one chance at choosing the right lane, as they are all separate, so we did go wrong a couple of times admittedly. Eventually we got to McDonald’s for around 11am, so we decided on an early lunch and quick play in their play area for the kids. By 12 we decided to head to the ferry. 

After checking in we surprisingly were allowed on straight away, no waiting about whatsoever. We were right near the front and this time remembered to take a photo of deck and coloured stairs so we wouldn’t forget. The only bad thing of boarding early meant we had a fair wait until setting sail, although even that was slightly early. We settled on the sun deck at first, after Taya had walked in to a post on the way there, (she has a tendency to not look where she is going) and Logan was thrilled that there was a ball available to play in the basketball/football cage. Taya was thrilled that she could open and shut the door of said cage. Taya then fell off the bench getting down off my lap, so wasn’t in the happiest of moods. We set sail and she wanted to breastfeed, so I ended up missing one of times I think is most exciting to watch overboard, leaving the port. It soon got quite windy and chilly, so we decided to venture inside and made our way to the playroom. I’m pretty sure Kiba had a good nap on the floor in there, Logan either played on his DS or watched the Curious George cartoons that they had on. Taya happily played. I chatted briefly on messenger and played with Taya. We stayed a good while before going for another wander, only to head back shortly for the children’s entertainment. 

This time it was an older gentleman called Adrian. He did a mix of magic, Punch & Judy (and the Dutch equivalent) and balloon modelling. He was a very interesting character who spoke his mind, knew his facts, and was very engaging with his audience. Logan once again managed to get picked, and came away with a pretty awesome balloon t-rex hat! Taya slept through the whole thing, she only fell asleep as she was hiding from Adrian, so it was worth going to see for both kids! 

We spent the rest of the trip in a space next to the stairs, as there were yet again no inside seats available. The kids thought this was great though as they could crawl under the stairs! They had fun chasing each other, looking through their books/magazines and playing with the playdoh grab bag I had bought them, and I also finally got Logan to write his postcards, better late than never! As we started to come in to port I took the kids for a walk on the sundeck, and let Logan have a quick kick about before heading to the play area, while waiting near the top of our stairs. Soon we were allowed down and we packed up in the car. It took forever to get off the ferry, for being nearly the first on we were left nearly till last to get off. And that’s where we began our wait. 45 minutes. It took 45 minutes to get through UK border control. Taya was miserable for most of it, and Logan fell asleep in that time! We were within the last 10 vehicles to leave the port. It was slightly ridiculous. 

Finally we were on the final stretch, less than 2 hours till home. We did stop off to grab a baguette and drink for Kiba and I. The kids had eaten all our snacks On-board the ferry, and we weren’t going to pay €5 for a sandwich! So we’d waited, and even though they weren’t the best, it was food and it was good. It gave us the final energy boost for the drive, before then I’d been struggling to stay awake again, but now I could keep Kiba company in the drive in to recognisable known territory. The light quickly faded, and we arrived home in the dark, just as we had left it. We got everything inside and it really didn’t take long before we all collapsed in to bed, deep sleeps all round.

Two days later and I still feel tired, and unorganised, but we’re slowly getting there, hopefully regular posts will also be back to normal soon. If you’ve got this far in yet another long post then thank you. 

A quick snap, I took a lot of photos, shall share some another time, so keep an eye out!

Guilty Pleasures 

The other day I read a blog post talking about said persons guilty pleasure, and it got me thinking, everyone must have at least one guilty pleasure, probably more, something that may not necessarily be good for you, but you enjoy it anyway. Maybe it’s doing something that makes you feel happy, but isn’t really that worthwhile, or a good way to spend your time. Then I had the thought of why we even perceive them as a guilty thing, why should our choices make us feel guilty? Is it how they’re percieved in society? Peer pressure? Maybe we should stop thinking of them as guilty pleasures, maybe we should stand by our own informed choices, but then on the otherhand, maybe some need to stay as guilty pleasures, maybe you’ve got a bad habit that you should probably give up? They should probably remain as guilty, as that way they may help you towards giving up on them. 

So what are my guilty pleasures? I had a good think, and I believe there are a couple of things that I should probably consider as guilty. Things I should probably cut down on. Things that may have been mentioned in the heat of the moment, or when talking about improving my health. If you know me personally, maybe you could hazard a guess? I’ll bet you’ll all guess at least one! So, here goes:

  1. Diet coke. I’ve got a sweet tooth, always have, and probably always will. I don’t remember what age I was introduced to diet coke, but it’s always been a firm favourite. Normal coke makes me throw up, literally, but I’ll happily drink coke zero if we haven’t got diet coke. I tend to drink a glass a night generally, yet when the dentist asks if I drink regular fizzy drinks I say no. For some reason I just never mention it. Probably as I’m terrified of the dentist, and he already goes on and on about me not flossing that I’m worried what he may say. I should probably at least cut down on it, but in my head I reason with myself that I don’t drink any alcohol so surely this is better? Yea, I know…
  2. Cake. Again, sweet tooth. I have always lived by the mantra that life is for living, might as well enjoy yourself. And then there’s the “never say no to cake!” I literally have no self control. I’m really surprised I’m not the size of a house the way I eat. I’m always craving something sweet, and I love a good cake. There are times when I can resist, sometimes, and I think I’m getting better at saying no. Slowly. 
  3. Facebook. I think a lot of people can probably relate to this one, probably with social media in general, but I do tend to spend a lot of time on Facebook particularly. Most of the time I just sit and scroll which is probably a big waste of time, but I follow a lot of groups and pages, and their posts often genuinely interest me. One group in particular is my true guilty pleasure, “Babipur Hangout” is such a friendly group, and with people sharing photos of their buys from Babipur I could sit for hours and fantasise about owning them. I think everyone who knows me knows I have a slight obsession with Babipur, which is great, as I get so much inspiration from them and their group. They sell amazing products that are ethical, eco, engaging, educational and aesthetically pleasing. Check them out. You can see from what and how much I’ve said that I love them, I could waffle on a lot more, I’m pretty sure that not a day goes past without mentioning Babipur somehow. My one problem? We’re not particularly loaded with money, we’re nearly always on a very tight budget. I’d probably own half their products if we weren’t. This is one guilty pleasure that I’m really not that guilty about, although I do feel like I should apologise to Mr Heberling for going on so much about Babipur and their goodies, I hope you understand why I love them. Our latest parcel just arrived, ready for the youngest Heberlings 2nd birthday! Rather than ramble on any more, I promise to try my hardest to put my phone down more. 

    So, they’re my guilty and not so guilty pleasures. I’m sure I could have added more, I’m sure Mr Heberling will point some out to me tonight. I hope that while reading this it may have brought to your attention any guilty pleasures of your own, feel free to tell me! Remember you don’t have to feel guilty for choosing to eat/do/watch something that makes you feel happy, as long as it does you or no one else any harm then there’s no reason to not do it, and you shouldn’t have to feel bad about your own informed choice. Own your decisions!  

    P.s maybe I should have added Hot Chocolate to my list… But that’s a necessity isn’t it? Perhaps just without the cream and marshmallows!